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: Critical Success Factors to Develop an Innovative Learning-Cluster: Empirical Analysis of Footwear Industrial Cluster in East Java

: 2017

: <p style="text-align:justify"><em>Cluster approach has attracted discussion among scientists and has been widely used for economic development today. Various studies have shown that clusters can provide economic benefits and become </em>source<em> of economic growth. Many </em>literatures<em> have studied about </em>cluster<em>, but there is still </em>necessity<em> in identifying factors to develop an innovative learning-cluster. This paper proposes the critical success factor to develop an innovative learning-cluster. Through </em>case<em>study in a footwear cluster in Indonesia, it is found that several categories are not sufficient and needs to be strengthened. General preconditions become the foundation or the initial base, while networks & partnership, institutional capacity, and market & infrastructure for learning become the boosting factor. This indicates that there is a process which has to be passed to develop an innovative learning-cluster and it cannot directly be created from its establishment. For footwear cluster, technical skill and knowledge of human resources, particularly designer and marketing </em>personel becomes key<em> factor for learning to achieve innovation. Government policy becomes a limiting factor to form an innovative learning-cluster. Leadership factors also </em>plays important<em> role to direct strategic vision for the cluster.</em></p>

: Innovative learning-cluster, success factors, innovation capacity, innovation performance, cluster d

: Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi

: Dian Prihadyanti

: http://journal.sbm.itb.ac.id/index.php/mantek/article/view/2130