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: 2014

: DIPA Pappiptek

: Ilmu Pengetahuan, Teknologi dan Masyarakat

: Science and Technology in Indonesia- In Brief


One of the tasks of Center for Science and Technology Development Studies – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Pappiptek-LIPI) is to prepare Indonesian Science and Technology Indicators for monitoring,
planning, and decision-making needs. During this year, Pappiptek-LIPI has incorporated data and indicators of science and technology in the form of a summary called the “Science and Technology in Indonesia–In Brief 2014" which presents the summary of data and indicators that describe the development of current science and technology in Indonesia. This book is a revised version from “Buku Saku Indikator Iptek Indonesia 2014”, particularly the revision on data presentation and the data on number of researchers.

Data and indicators included in this book are a compilation of processed data and indicators from government sectors, higher education, and manufacturing industries. The data in this book includes economic data and technology intensity; science and technology sector of the government; higher education and manufacturing industries. There are also outcomes of science and technology in the form of publications and patents as well as international comparisons.

Any valuable input for creating a better edition of this book in the future, would be greatly appreciated

: Science and Technology